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Absolutely brilliant at reflexology & massage, would highly recommend anyone to seek care from Vio, he is very passionate about his gift of healing & has always been very polite and caring. What a kind gentleman, so great at his profession!
W.P. 2nd February 2012

Went to Vio for a reflexology reading and was so impressed by his knowledge on the subject that I went on to have a three month treatment plan. This has vastly improved my health and well being and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He cares passionately about his healing and this shows in the success he has with his patients. My husband also has regular massages from Vio as he feels it is very beneficial healthwise and comes away feeling destressed and very relaxed.
L.M. 25th February 2012

I have been seeing Vio for a couple of months now and can't recommend him highly enough. His knowledge and awareness is exceptional. He has given me lots of really good advice for my health, diet and wellbeing. His massages leave me destressed and relaxed, and he has really helped my lower back and neck problems.
I can see myself using him regularly in the future, as I regard my long term health as being very important
J.P. 21/3/12

I was first introduced to Mr. Vio by my daughter and son-in-law, they had recommended Mr. Vio to me after having a deep tissue massage. Like most people I was a little sceptical before meeting Mr. Vio. I found him to have similar faiths to me which helped me to have the confidence in him to use his "powers" on me. I did a full & concentrated reflexology program & deep tissue massage to eliminate the toxins that had accumulated in my body. Mr. Vio encouraged me to exercise and appreciate my body, organs & their functions and to maintain this through regular visits (not too often now more as maintenance).
We have many interesting discussions on life in general and our own family & friends. Mr. Vio I am proud to refer to as a friend now.
Best wishes

I have been seeing Vio now for approx 6 months.
Over the years I have tried various masseurs and I can honestly say Vio is the best I have come across.
As previous comments suggest he is very passionate about his work & also has a very vast knowledge.
At first I was seeing Vio twice a week. Due to his expertise & honesty I now see Vio approx every 10 days as Vio advised me that he had reduced the toxins in my back, neck & shoulders therefore there is no need to attend twice weekly!!
Although I now feel in great shape I intend to carry on having massages as I have learnt that with regular chiropractic care & massages maintaining the body is the way forward as opposed to leaving it until my body aches!!

Keep up the good work Vio.
All the best
D.B., Roofing Contractor, Romford. Saturday 10th March 2012

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